Acquista qualità Donna Hermès Birkin #26872 Rare Hac Haut A Courroies 40 Cm 40cm Brown Crocodile Leather Skin Satchel

Acquista qualità Donna Hermès Birkin #26872 Rare Hac Haut A Courroies 40 Cm 40cm Brown Crocodile Leather Skin Satchel

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[$$$]Handle Drop: 4.5" [$$$]Details: borsa is in very good to excellent condition. Exterior has minor signs of wear with unnoticeable marks. The palladium tone hardware looks great with very minor scratches which are mostly visible on the protective feet, and some hardware is still under original protective film covers. There are light scuffs along the piping at the bottom corners and bottom edges. The leather interior also has creasing, minor scratches from being previous wear and handling. Date stamp is Q square stamp (made in 2013). Mini dust borsa, large dust borsa, clochette, lock and keys, original CITES document, and box (lid broken) are all included. Sku# 26872
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